Putting the Country back in Country Music

YES! We are still hosting the Colorado Prairie Music Fest on August 8 at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds! Our plan for social distancing & health safety was approved by our county Public Health Director. Lincoln County to date has only 4 confirmed cases! Come "social distance" the night away with us!

Our headliner’s independent Texas spirit and strong work ethic are emblematic of the western lifestyle; virtues which have taken him from humble honky-tonks to multiple sold-out tours around the world.

“The big Nashville labels turned him away, and the radio stations refused to play him at first, but now, with a number one album and the most loyal fan base around, Aaron Watson has become a country music sensation.”- Texas Monthly

Singer/ Songwriter Aaron Watson has found success on his own terms, building a lauded career through relentless touring, songwriting hits that speak to his loyal fan base and dropping more than a dozen self-released albums. With influences from both his dad’s worn out vinyl country music collection to the reverent hymnals he sang in church as a boy- Watson’s style is as authentic as they come.

With a dozen additional records under his belt, Watson is exceeding major-label-sized metrics while maintaining his independence, further galvanizing his "Texas country's reigning indie underdog" (Rolling Stone) brand. “There may be no more genuine singer-songwriter at the moment than Watson, “says Texas Monthly, pointing to a self-made businessman, chart-topper, and road warrior whose authenticity has made him a country music staple.

Ready for the party?

COVID-19 Waiver for Attendees

The producers & volunteers of the Colorado Prairie Music Festival are thrilled to be able to offer this event of good times and live music amidst so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to enjoy our concert but ask you do so responsibly.

When you purchase your tickets online you will be asked to sign a waiver of attendance. Below are the information and suggestions included in that waiver. If you do not feel comfortable attending this year's concert, please email prairieartsandmusic@gmail.com to request a refund.

COVID-19 Waiver- Please read and acknowledge that you have read the information below before purchasing your tickets. ALL attendees are encouraged to
1. Wear a mask

2.Practice proper hand hygiene

3. Practice Social Distancing

4. Do NOT attend if you are ill or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. 

5. By attending the event you absolve the Colorado Prairie Arts and Music Council, its board, volunteers, and staff as well as entertainers, their respective business entities, employees, and representatives of any liability should you contract COVID-19.




Discover Some Girls and a Mural and their colorful art on grain silos, or bins, along the I-70 corridor to depict life as they know it in rural Colorado.


Colorado Prairie Arts and Music Council

The Colorado Prairie Arts and Music Council (CPAM) is a start-up non-profit focused on hosting artistic and musically focused events and promoting and supporting programs that encourage growth in the arts in rural areas on the plains of Eastern Colorado.

CPAM has taken over the Colorado Prairie Music Festival Brand, and it is the council's goal to continue to bring top-notch entertainment to Eastern Colorado, starting in country music and branching out in the years to come.

In 2019, we are committed to providing engaging opportunities in the area of art & music to enrich and expand the life of our communities.  By hosting successful mainstream events it is our goal to encourage growth of the arts in our rural communities, engaging in all activities that will further and are consistent with the mission of the council, including, but not limited to:

  • Public Art Displays
  • Public Music Performances
  • Public Cultural Exhibits
  • Presentations to Groups
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  • Publication of Literature
  • Public Relations

August 8, 2020

Tickets are on sale now for Aaron Watson at the 2020 Colorado Prairie Music Festival during the FREE Lincoln County Fair & Rodeo

August 3- 8, 2020.

The music plays on under the Livestock Barn at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds at 33747 County Road 2W, Hugo, CO 80821

*plan subject to change depending upon Colorado State Event Variance guidelines. Refunds will be issued should the event be cancelled due to State of Colorado and CDPHE COVID-19 regulations.